To The Invisible Moms


Mother’s Day is still a couple weeks away, but I’ve been contemplating the concept of motherhood. Between a few thoughtless comments made by other mothers and my two boys being moved to more permanent homes, I was feeling less than confident in my identity as a mother.

Then I stumbled on the “who are your kids?” thread in the mommy group I’m a part of. I waffled back and forth for close to an hour before finally commenting: E – 5yrs, fostered 2 ½ months, C – 12 wks, fostered 1 month.

Over the next few hours I received numerous notifications that other mothers in the group were liking and replying to my comment. I was so encouraged by those mothers, silently standing beside me, acknowledging that motherhood looks different for me, but I’m still one of them.

So, to the other foster moms, like me, who have empty beds in their home (or even if you have full beds). To the aunts, cousins, sisters or friends who are raising children who are not their own, whether temporarily or permanently. To mothers who made the painful decision to allow someone else to raise their child. To the mothers who never got to meet their children. Keep going. Keep pressing on because you are important. Your work is meaningful. You. Are. A. Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.