Time with God; Check.

6971254-morning-sunrise-pictures-20839During a time of prayer, someone described a beautiful place and said that was where me and God meet, just the two of us. Then came the knife. The person said they felt God say He wished I’d come there more often.

My time is valuable. Rest is not easy for me, and I still struggle to ever truly rest. It has left me a lot of days feeling like an exhausted race horse. I did a lot of running but never felt like I got any where. It was never enough. So for God to want more of my time just seemed like adding more to the list. I remember coming to God with a rushed attitude. He had five minutes to tell me what He had to say, and then here was my list of requests. Time with God; check.

One of the first things I remember God telling me was part of Psalm 46:10; “Be still, and know that I am God.” He never really stopped saying it. “Still” is a constant refrain. I confess because of it I have developed a love/hate relationship with that verse. I don’t want to be still. The NASB version reads “Cease striving.” God’s point wasn’t to do more, it was rest more. More specifically, rest in His presence and know Him.

God just wanted to spend time with me. The same is true for you. When people are in love with someone they just want to spend time with that person. They don’t care very much what they do or what they talk about. They just want their loved one’s attention. Jesus is crazy, recklessly, irrevocably and purely in love with you. Of all the wealth in heaven and earth, of everything He has made, nothing moves His heart like you do. He isn’t a commander giving orders, He is the dearest friend asking for a bit of time. He is also Creator of all heaven and earth, my Savior and Redeemer who brought me out of slavery. If there is anything worthy of my time it is surely Jesus.

Jesus is crazy, recklessly, irrevocably and purely in love with you.

No matter what is happening around us we can always go to that secret place in our hearts, the Temple of the Most High God.