Thorny Times Of Life


I stepped on one of those patches of thistles that grow in the grass the other day. I immediately knew what I had done as the pain was intense even after I moved my foot from the evil plant. 

Later, I was thinking about that experience and how in life we keep stepping on thorns. You know, you keep doing that thing over and over again. Until, one day we experience real pain from that choice or action or statement we made. Then we have another decision…what am I going to do to remove the pain of my action? 

What am I going to do to remove the pain of my action?

For me in the yard that day I could have fallen to the ground and refused to move, afraid I’d step on another thorn. I could have tried to call someone to come get me and carry me into my house to avoid the possibility of more pain. But I decided to watch what I was doing and make my way inside and put on some shoes. 

In those thorny times of life we must be intentional to choose protection, which is God’s wisdom. Maybe you just weren’t paying attention and got caught up in the worldly stuff and everybody else’s lifestyle and became careless. It’s ok. Just know, you could suffer pain from bad choices but it’s what you do after that is so critical. Will you let the pain paralyze you? Will you let it cripple your independence and make you rely on others in an unhealthy way? Or will you decide to be aware and alert for those thorns in your life that cause you and others around you pain? 

I’m glad God gives us choices, but I’m really glad when I please Him with my choice, even if it does take me several tries!