The Way Jesus Treats Women


I was inspired by one of my childhood favorite singers, Brooke Fraser. I was reminded from a post of hers, on International Women’s Day in early March, of the way Jesus treated women, which is the same way He does today and every day. With mercy when our choices fail Him, with grace when we don’t have any left for ourselves, with humility to invite us to Him, and love to pursue us beyond the pits we find ourselves trapped in.

I’m thankful that Jesus gave us a perfect example of how to treat others, not just women, and to show us what it means to truly care for and love one another. He also gives us great men to lead and guide us along in this life and to love us like He teaches them to.

None of us are perfect at this life thing…and He doesn’t expect us to be. All He wants is for us to come to Him each day and let Him reveal to us how we should act.

So while I’m thankful to be a woman, for many reasons (especially the ability to be a mom), I’m also thankful for the men who come alongside us and empower us in many ways. I couldn’t do half of what I do without the support and love of my husband. So let’s reflect on the nature of Christ today, and remember that He is with us today and everyday and empowers us with His strength and the support of others.

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