Even though Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday on a church calendar, I enjoy it, dare I say, more than Christmas and Easter. All the hoopla and trappings of Christmas are about to roll over us, and it will again be a battle to find “God with us” amongst all the layers we have added to the holiday.

So, Thanksgiving remains my favorite. It seems to provide the purest attempt to focus not on ourselves, but respond to the theme of the day. Thanksgiving – what am I thankful for? As believers we know that “all good gifts come from above.” So for me, this holiday does not find me tripping over unwrapped gifts looking to find Jesus in the day, but with head bowed in gratitude. Gratitude to a God who has been so incredibly good to me and who has been so very kind – even in the tough stuff of this past year and the things in my life this day that are unresolved still. I know this – He is with me, Immanuel – “God with us.”

He is with me, Immanuel – “God with us.”

What did I ever do to deserve such a Friend like this? Nothing, absolutely nothing.



One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Jere Watkins says:

    Yes, God With Us. Short and to the point and Yes, none of us deserve a Friend like this. After I post this I am going to sing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” in fact I am singing it now.
    No lol just Thankfulness.
    Continued Blessings

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