Telling Stories


Stories are compelling and powerful. Through sharing our own stories or hearing the stories of others, we have the opportunity to share our part of God’s story and share in others’ parts as well. Sharing stories spreads the works and moving of God in our lives and the lives around us. That is why at Two Rivers Church, story-telling is so encouraged.

Check out this excerpt from an EFCA article “Let Me Tell You A Story” by Scott Noble. Scott writes about how God uses the power of story and gives a few examples of how to incorporate story into your own life. Check out the full article at the link below. Then go share your story with the world! We would love to help you share your story:

“Story is one of the most powerful devices we have available. From the beginning, God used story to communicate who He is, who we are and how we are to live—profound concepts that are easier to comprehend in the context of story.

Jesus used the power of story through His parables, demonstrating eternal truths and the depth of His love, mercy and forgiveness.

This is a persuasive example of how transforming story can be—in our lives and in the lives of those around us.”