The Quest For Intimacy


“We can live without sex, but we cannot live without intimacy.” – Julie Rodgers

The problem with being single in a Christian world is that the church and Christians in general have done a poor job of separating sex and intimacy. We wrongly believe that intimacy can only truly be found in a marriage relationship. What does that say to those in the Christian community who are single or feel called to celibacy? In short, and bluntly put, it tells them they aren’t worthy or are incapable of experiencing true intimacy. But we were designed for intimacy, for deep bonds of love and care experienced in and through a community of fellow believers.

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I Am Not My Marital Status


Singleness…UGH! I hate that term. I hate it! I hate the subject. I hate the attitude that so many people have about it. Recently, I was sent an article by a friend and was asked my thoughts on the content. It was a response to the options that single women have today. I was horrified. Horrified and disappointed. Horrified at the perceived “options” that we have and disappointed at the response. While I agreed with it in part, I was bothered by the overall attitude that I am my marital status.

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