Thanking Jesus For Tiny Hands


Motherhood is quite different than I imagined. It’s tiring and fulfilling. It’s snuggles and screams. It’s sleepless nights and long days. It’s lonely and beautiful. And it’s everything you hoped and more. Truth is, motherhood has taught me that life is meant to be lived raw. To give of yourself and sacrifice when you just want to do something other than nurse and be at home. To take the beautiful things and thank Jesus for them and embrace the hard and thank Jesus for them.

These little lives are gifts given to us for only a short time. And right now I’m just thankful for these tiny hands that hold my whole heart and that have brought joy to our whole family. Because I know – though the days are long…the years are short. And I don’t want to miss a thing in either of the sweet gifts in my life.

For The Unseen Warriors


Being a parent can be tough. Being a stepparent, adopted parent or foster parent can be even more difficult. Some people don’t understand when a stepparent and child are close, and that’s ok. Not everyone needs to understand because the life of a stepparent, or foster parent, wasn’t meant for everyone. But if you know someone who is one and they are doing their best to love, support and help raise a child that’s not their own…don’t judge or ridicule them. Don’t talk about them. Just love them. Encourage them. Because chances are, they are giving a whole lot of themselves to love a child that isn’t theirs. Continue reading “For The Unseen Warriors”