Mommin’ Ain’t Easy


“I will lead them down a new path, guiding them along an unfamiliar way. I will brighten the darkness before them and smooth out the road ahead of them. Yes, I will indeed do these things; I will not forsake them.” – Isaiah‬ ‭42:16‬

I will be the first mom to say that mommin’ ain’t easy. I have been blessed to be able to be a step mom for almost three years and now have the privilege of raising one of my own as well. Both roles are difficult in different ways but both are beautiful as well. They don’t tell you about the difficult times and the sleepless nights. Maybe they do but in your mind you imagine different. They don’t tell you about being so worried about either of them or praying for their future. They don’t tell you how deeply and completely your heart will belong to them.

If there is one thing I’ve learned these last three years and these last two weeks, it’s that being a mom should be hard because being a mom means sacrifice. It means giving when you are empty. Loving when you are hurt. Praying when you don’t know what to say. And hoping that through it all you can be a light in the darkness and a refuge from the storms in this world. God has reminded me that it is a blessing to be walked out with Him. Time with Him is crucial to not lose your sanity and patience. Prayer is our biggest weapon against the enemy and love covers all.

So while there are many days I have cried over these last few years, there are many prayers that have been answered. God continues to guide and show me how to walk along this mom path. Sometimes it’s beautiful and sometimes it’s just really hard. But at all times, He is God and He is with us. He gives us the strength we need for each day if we let Him.

Future Joy


“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” – Psalm 30:5

Jesus spoke to His followers of both abundant life and of trouble. These two things may seem contradictory, but my experience verifies that God’s children will have both. As I have dealt with the ups and downs of life, particularly of parenting five sons, I have experienced joyful seasons as well as darker times. I learned, with one son’s heart transplant, that a single situation can bring great heartache as well as immense joy. Despite this knowledge, I am sometimes overwhelmed by new difficulties, forgetting that they, too, will culminate with days of rejoicing. When difficult days turn into difficult seasons, it is easy to forget past victories and the promise of future joy. Continue reading “Future Joy”

For The Unseen Warriors


Being a parent can be tough. Being a stepparent, adopted parent or foster parent can be even more difficult. Some people don’t understand when a stepparent and child are close, and that’s ok. Not everyone needs to understand because the life of a stepparent, or foster parent, wasn’t meant for everyone. But if you know someone who is one and they are doing their best to love, support and help raise a child that’s not their own…don’t judge or ridicule them. Don’t talk about them. Just love them. Encourage them. Because chances are, they are giving a whole lot of themselves to love a child that isn’t theirs. Continue reading “For The Unseen Warriors”

Teaching Moments In Parenting


I’ve been a mom longer than I’ve not been a mom, I had kids rather young in today’s standards. My son who is now 18, use to jump out of bed as soon as he heard someone else up in the mornings. This made it difficult to have my quiet time, see my son is a rip and run, full of life kinda boy. I mean ALL boy from the word go! 

One morning I had snuck into the living room to read, and I heard the sound of his feet coming down the hall (he was probably 8 years old). He entered the living room and sat beside me on the couch. I decided I would take this time to tell him how much Jesus loved him and that God had plans for his life. I mean that’s how we’re supposed to do this, right? After I had had my super spiritual moment with him, he looked at me so seriously and asked, “Did God know I was going to be a chick magnet?”…Really?!?

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“Missing Children”

I woke up one day and looked across the island in our kitchen as our 13 and 14 year old girls were eating breakfast and readying for the day. I wondered what happened to those two little ones with pigtails, who played Candy Land on the living room floor and were such an incredible joy to have in our home. These two little girls had become children I no longer recognized. Sugar and spice had been traded in for an attitude far from nice. Gone were the days when they would hear me come in the back door and run toward me and wrap those tiny little hands around my neck. All of a sudden, I was an annoyance to them, someone to be tolerated. And, it seemed to happen over night.

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No Real Road Map

USAatlas2 copy

My wife absolutely loves maps. Her dad loves maps. And somehow even though we have navigation apps on our phones she still reaches for that massive road atlas that takes up the entire front seat on trips. I wish I had something that big and clear today, cause I’m out of map. I was just getting a feel for parenting and then our girls became grown ups. What’s up with that? My screensaver still portrays them as little cherubs, but reality displays a very different picture. I think they still need me, but at this point, I need to be invited in. And frankly, I’m not sure how well I’m doing with all of this. If I had to place the “you are here” arrow over the map of our parenting, I’d be hard pressed to know exactly where to put it.

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