God Hurt My Face

Canon AE-1 Program

Last week, God hurt my face. I’ll tell you all about it, but please bear with me – it takes a while to set up.

One of my hobbies is nature photography. I love to use my camera to capture God’s majesty in a sunrise, sunset, wide open vista, or especially clouds curling over the top of mountain peaks. As my wife says, “Who could doubt there is a God when looking at that.” So years ago, I felt I was in heaven as I set up to photograph clouds rolling over the top of Courthouse Butte in Sedona. I was in the zone. Click, sunrise light reflecting on the rocks with clouds sliding down the rock face. Click again as the sunrise colors kept warming up and the light angles improved and the clouds continued to flow. Click, click, click as the scene changed moment by moment! Continue reading “God Hurt My Face”