Church In The Midst Of Yard Work


I will say that even in the simple activity of weeding and planting, I saw God everywhere I looked.

This weekend I took time to do some much needed yard work. I also recently read a post by a well known food author. She talked about how being outside was her “church.” While I don’t recommend giving up church for hiking, I will say that even in the simple activity of weeding and planting, I saw God everywhere I looked. Not just the “isn’t God amazing” feeling we get when we view an awesome sunset or watch a spider spin a web, but the kind where God speaks directly to your heart through a very simple thing.

Here are a few things God said to me…

Bloom where you are planted. We feed a lot of birds at our house (and a lot of squirrels, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue). Subsequently, we have a lot of “volunteer” sunflowers randomly popping up all over the yard. These volunteers literally bloom where they are planted. Rocks? Not a problem. Shade? No worries. The ones in the shade do the best they can. Are they tall and strong like the ones in the sun? Nope. But they are giving it their best, and they produce a flower. Do I do that? Do I complain about my situation? Do I wait to serve, or to help until all the conditions are just right? Perfect soil, right amount of water, great location. Or do I do the best that I can right where I am…even if I struggle?

Sunflowers know their job. Everyday, all day long, they face the sun. Their bright beautiful faces are even brighter, because they point in the right direction. They are not looking around to see what all the other sunflowers are doing.

God can redeem all things. A few of the trees in our yard have become diseased and are dead or dying. One of my favorites looks this way this year. It’s leaves are dull and small instead of bright green and healthy like it’s neighbors. I have worried that it too will begin to lose its leaves and die. This weekend I saw one bright green leaf emerging from the end of one of the branches. There is struggle, but there is hope. God can make beauty of ashes, rivers in the wasteland, and bring new life to what was dull and lifeless. He is reminding us of that every day. Every season.

I felt spent and tired that day. But as the song goes…His love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me.