I Got This…

So, the last couple of years have been difficult, to say the least. I’ve had numerous offers from friends and loved ones to help me with different tasks that have needed to be done, offers to listen and pray for me, even help me move. (Which nobody wants to do, yuck!) I have had a go-to phrase during this time as well, “Thanks, but I got this.” 

See, overall I’m a pretty laid back, take things in stride kinda person. Okay, maybe “independent” is a little more accurate…until a few weeks ago when a loved one texted that they could help me with something. My response, “Yea, I got this.” Then, in a moment, they responded, “You’re prideful.” 

WHAT?!? My jaw was on the floor, and my eyes the size of saucers. They then explained, “Your prideful because you won’t except anyone’s offer to help you.” As hard as it was to hear, they were absolutely right. My phrase, “I got this,” was crap.

The truth is, I need help. I need God every moment of everyday. I can’t take my next breath without Him. I need His people, their fellowship, friendship and their love.

There are numerous bible verses on pride and God’s displeasure with a prideful heart. Friend please hear me, you don’t have to boast or have a puffed up attitude to have pride, it’s subtle and sneaky sometimes. I’m so grateful for the courage of my loved one to bring to my attention my pride. 

God, thank you that you know our hearts, that you send those people to us whom we have relationship with to speak truth and life in love. Forgive us when in our simple mindedness we think we got this. Remind us that we don’t have to do it all, that’s what you created us and others for…to be the body of Christ to each other, to be the hands and feet that show Jesus to the world!