“Do You Ponder?”


“Do you ponder the things God has said to you?”

The question from a friend startled me. Truthfully, I’ve been doing a lot more worrying than pondering lately.

Several weeks ago, God asked me to obey Him in making a life-altering decision. It was so freeing, and it’s been awesome to see God work in ways that can only be credited to Him.

But I still don’t have any guarantees of how things will turn out, and there are days when the path of obedience feels lonely and hard. Making the decision was one thing; what follows after is another.

I spend time worrying about how things are going to turn out rather than pondering what’s coming.

What’s the difference?

Pondering is full of God’s promises.

Pondering gives me joy for the things God has spoken. It strengthens me when fatigue sets in and restores my confidence in the One who guides me on this path. It transforms my mind from victim to victor. Pondering is full of God’s promises.

But too quickly do I receive what God says, stick it on a shelf, and move on. No wonder then that worry, an uninvited and unwanted companion, arrives so quickly.

Worry steals my joy for the things God has spoken. It wears me down and causes me to lose sight of the One who guides me on this path. It burdens my mind with confusing, discouraging thoughts. Worry is the forgetting of God’s promises to me.

Worry is the forgetting of God’s promises to me.

When I ponder, I am reminded that He was speaking to me about this journey months before it started. He gave me words weeks and weeks ago that I need for today. He opened doors that I walked through without knowing and can only see them now when I look back. He has put people on my path who have been alongside me every day since the start, and still some who keep me in good company on the path for smaller stretches. Each of them encouraging me to take the next step forward, not backwards.

When I ponder, when I keep these things near to my heart instead of on the shelf, I’m too focused on how personal my guide is. I’m impressed by His detail in the small things. I’m humbled by how well He knows me. I’m in awe of what He’s doing.

I forget to worry, when I’m too busy pondering.

One thought on ““Do You Ponder?”

  1. Jere Watkins says:

    Well said and much to ponder.My wife and I are babysitting our 3 yr old Grandson.When he does something right we clap our hands and say “yay Clark” I think God does the same for us. So I must ponder and let my yays outweigh my nays.
    Thank You Lord.

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