Come Away & Revive Your Life

“You who seek God, let your hearts revive.”  Psalm 69:32

I am sitting in my living room with my coffee in hand on this raining start to the work week. It is such a peaceful moment to quiet my soul before the Lord as the day begins. I love mornings like this, but they are not always in my daily routine.


How many times do I rush through the Word just to check it off on my to-do list only to feel an empty soul by the end of the week. When my busy season begins to grow, my ability to hear His voice seems to decrease. I’m less attentive to His promptings and direction. And when things become more difficult than the average daily struggles, my decisions begin to be based more on emotions, I get frustrated, and I feel full of fear. 


It wouldn’t be far from the truth to tell you that I find myself there more often than I want to be. I have learned that we always have a choice. Each day, we can start in the mundane routine of checking things off the list. Or we can choose to interact. To make time to meet with the Almighty. To hear His voice. To bring desires, brokenness, and needs to His feet because they might just be too heavy to carry anymore. The heart of the Father was never to have us rushing around trying to keep every routine in check. No, the heart of the Father is rest. With every pulse in His presence, He brings peace.

I wonder how often the Father sees how busy we are here on earth and is saddened by it. How often we have passed the needy because we were too busy to stop. How often we spend ten extra minutes on our phones instead of ten extra minutes in His presence. How often we choose stress and business over joy and peace.