Andropolis, You’re My Inspiration


On the way home from work one day, I was sitting there, stopped in traffic, trying to decide what I wanted for dinner. Knowing I had pretty much no food at home and my long day was leaving me less than inspired to cook up a masterpiece or even some mac and cheese, on a whim, I decided to get off on the next exit and grab some Chinese food from a restaurant that I hadn’t been to since I had moved further away.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a man in the car next to me scrounging for change in his car. I thought about how I had been there before and hoped he could find what he needed. I went inside and was perusing the menu for what I thought might meet my Chinese food cravings. The man came up to the counter next to me and was counting out the change he had collected. He was still short for what he was trying to order. I paused to ask God if He wanted me to help the man out and in what way.

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Telling Stories


Stories are compelling and powerful. Through sharing our own stories or hearing the stories of others, we have the opportunity to share our part of God’s story and share in others’ parts as well. Sharing stories spreads the works and moving of God in our lives and the lives around us. That is why at Two Rivers Church, story-telling is so encouraged.

Check out this excerpt from an EFCA article “Let Me Tell You A Story” by Scott Noble. Scott writes about how God uses the power of story and gives a few examples of how to incorporate story into your own life. Check out the full article at the link below. Then go share your story with the world! We would love to help you share your story:

“Story is one of the most powerful devices we have available. From the beginning, God used story to communicate who He is, who we are and how we are to live—profound concepts that are easier to comprehend in the context of story.

Jesus used the power of story through His parables, demonstrating eternal truths and the depth of His love, mercy and forgiveness.

This is a persuasive example of how transforming story can be—in our lives and in the lives of those around us.”


An Afternoon At A Park In Bucharest


We were sitting in the park spread out on blankets. It was a beautiful afternoon and there wasn’t anywhere else we needed to be. We had prayer walked around Bucharest in smaller groups that morning and came together for a time of sharing over a picnic lunch. Most everywhere we went in the city, we stood out: Americans in Eastern Europe. But in the park, sitting down, gathered with Romanian and Brazilian friends, there wasn’t much to notice.

Still it seemed that a gathering of ten and twelve people was an unusual sight. Over the course of the afternoon, we were met with a lot of stares from passersby. Some were merely curious; others appeared less welcoming of our presence—and our prayers. Continue reading “An Afternoon At A Park In Bucharest”

To The Invisible Moms


Mother’s Day is still a couple weeks away, but I’ve been contemplating the concept of motherhood. Between a few thoughtless comments made by other mothers and my two boys being moved to more permanent homes, I was feeling less than confident in my identity as a mother. Continue reading “To The Invisible Moms”

Give Back


A few years back I decided that I needed to find something I could do to pour into my community and be a blessing, even in the busiest seasons of my life. I can tend to get into very busy seasons which make it difficult to set regular volunteering commitments and keep them. So, I thought I would try to find something that was meaningful to me, helpful to others and flexible, no matter how my schedule might shift. Sometimes the place to find a need to fill is in a place that you or someone you love at one time had need.  Continue reading “Give Back”

Make An Impact: Love Each Other


It’s always good to feel like you are doing something that makes a positive impact in the world, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time to do something that feels so meaningful. I can tend to look at people in need all over the world and see others who are devoting their lives, or even a week or two, to go and meet those needs.

At one point in time, I too was one of those who was able to go for a week or two on a regular basis to the other side of the world and love on orphans, or build community showers, or serve at a soup kitchen in a poverty stricken area, or speak hope to those who felt hopeless. However, these days, life just seems too full and too busy for world travel.

There are only so many days I can take off of work and even those tend to get scheduled out by others in my life. Also, there’s that whole “adulting” thing where I have bills to pay and a roof to keep over my head, and therefore do not have the resources to be able to fund those trips around the world. I’ve had to accept the fact that the season of globe-trotting for Jesus has come to a close for the time being and that those adventures just won’t happen as often as they used to. Continue reading “Make An Impact: Love Each Other”

The Impossible


My friends, Faith and Kirk, are on their way to South America this week to adopt their sixteen year old daughter. Late last summer, Faith, a social worker by day, came across a Facebook post about a girl needing a forever-family by the end of 2016 or otherwise become ineligible for adoption due to her age according to the country’s adoption laws.

In a matter of a few hours, not only was Faith’s heart being tugged at for the girl, but her husband’s was as well. With faith that God was behind it and trusting Him to make it happen, Faith and Kirk said yes to the craziest whirlwind adventure of their lives yet.

Their decision to say yes was utterly impractical.

Before their daughter’s sixteenth birthday, which was only a couple of quick months away, Faith and Kirk had to be at a very specific point in the adoption process. If they weren’t far enough along, she couldn’t be adopted at that point because of her age. Time was not on their side. Continue reading “The Impossible”

An Unusual Bathroom Visit


“For in Him we live and move and exist.” – Acts 17:28

Being pregnant, bathroom stops are frequent and unavoidable. I was on a work errand that was further away than I expected, and when I finally exited the interstate, I knew I had to find a pit stop fast. I kept looking at different gas stations, but for some reason, none of them seemed appealing. Honestly, there wasn’t a legitimate reason, each one looked nice. I just found myself continuing to drive, looking for something different. When I saw a Chick-fil-a in sight I figured I could probably use some fruit and a water along with the bathroom break. I stopped and immediately made my way to the restroom.

Walking in, I noticed two workers standing outside the stalls talking. I apologized as I rushed by them, slightly bumping into one. As I was in there, I heard one asking if the other was ok and explaining to her that she looked really pale. I could hear the concern and panic in her voice as she asked a question that stopped me in my tracks: “How far along are you?” My mind immediately went from viewing a young sick girl at work that just needed to go home, to a young pregnant girl that might be having some major complications. The manager then decided to call for an ambulance because the expectant mother could no longer walk and was extremely nauseous.

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I Want To Be Like Clyde


Over 30 years ago, I came to sobriety over alcohol. To maintain my sobriety, I had gone to AA meetings and found they were helpful in keeping me sober. I found a Christ centered 12 step program in Powell, TN called Overcomers Outreach. The leader of this group was a man named Clyde. Right away I noticed 3 things about Clyde. In order of importance (at that time in my life) they were:

1. He was sober and had stayed sober for a number of years.
2. He loved Christ and spoke of Him not just as a Savior but as a Friend.
3.  In spite of the first 2 blessings in his life, he still had “stuff” in his life.

I had thought that if only I was sober, my life would be free of problems. I wanted to be like Clyde. Continue reading “I Want To Be Like Clyde”

I Could Never Do That


A few months before my 25th birthday my dad died. It was hard, and I got through it. But one of the things that stood out to me was my cousin praising my mother and I for our strength, stating “I could never do that.”

Recently I have watched a friend going through something similar with her husband, and I’ve been hearing it again, “I could never do that,” referring to her personal strength. Over and over again I hear that phrase attached to grace in the face of tragedy. What you really mean is, “I would never choose that.” You can’t imagine how you would handle it because, honestly, you don’t want to think about something like that happening to your family.  

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