Me First!


I recently heard a man tell a story of how he edged out a woman in a wheelchair and hobbled his way to the first seat on the airplane. He told the story almost with a sense of pride. He had been injured in an accident and felt he needed the bulkhead seat for more legroom since his leg was covered with road rash. The woman in the wheelchair was going so slow, that he decided to go around her and race his way to the front. She in fact was looking for a seat that offered more legroom, and he was happy he secured it.

I was gasping inside as he recounted the events. My thought was, “is chivalry dead?” “Has this man ever considered putting others first?” “How horrible!” Continue reading “Me First!”

When Healing Doesn’t Come


Laying in my bed alone at 3am, I found myself questioning God. This is not something I typically do. I actually have a plaque in my home that says, “Let God Be God!” But on this occasion, I was at the end of my rope, wondering why God would allow my husband’s colon to burst, requiring emergency surgery and a long road to recovery.  This happened just seven months after a tumor was found on his adrenal gland, which required surgery to remove both the gland and tumor.  Continue reading “When Healing Doesn’t Come”

Time Flies: How To Set & Keep Goals To Live With Intention


I did a double take as I looked at the calendar a few days ago. “Are we really in February?” I thought. We’ve all cried the old adages, “Time flies” – “the older I get,” “when you’re having fun” or fill in the blank. The reality is time doesn’t stand still, and if we are not careful life will blow by us.

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Many years ago I read the book, The Blessed Life written by Robert Morris where he recounts story after story of how he generously gave extravagant gifts, selflessly and willingly. It absolutely revolutionized what I thought about giving.

Growing up in the church and with Christian parents, I was taught to give my first ten percent of everything I earned back to God, because it belonged to Him in the first place. We called it a tithe. But what I never remember being addressed, was the other ninety percent.

Wait a minute…doesn’t it all belong to God? Isn’t He calling us to a life of generosity rather than obligation? Aren’t we to steward what has been so graciously given to us? This spanned way beyond my bank account to a heart issue – because, “where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will also be” Matthew 6:21. I knew my heart was in the wrong place, and if I could get that right, my mindset would change as well.

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