2RC Stories: LaKeisha James


I grew up in church when I was younger. My parents got divorced when I was 14. I kinda fell out of going to church. I started smoking marijuana at 16, and I was pretty much a user. At 18, I was using other drugs and was just in bad relationships. I ended up getting in a relationship with a girl. I was with her for 5 years. I was 25 whenever we broke up.

I had always been suicidal with depression and stuff like that, and always battled with that. And the place that I was staying at ended up calling the cops that night, because I was trying to leave after I had cut my wrist and stuff. The cops came, and they took me to the hospital. From there I went to jail.

The cops came, and they took me to the hospital. From there I went to jail.

That was the first time I had ever been in jail. I was just crying, and I told God, “You’re the only One who’s never let me down. You’ve always been there, and I need You. Like, I can’t do this on my own.” And I meant it with all that I had. And I knew when I got out of there, that I wanted to be in church so bad.

So, part of the conditions of getting out of jail was I had to move to Knoxville with my mom, and I didn’t know anyone up here. I wasn’t from here. I had to move in with my mom and get into a rehab. My mom tried for a week to find a rehab. It was either crazy expensive or they had this waiting list. I had gotten out of jail January 3 of 2013, and my court date was in February. So I was trying to get all this done, before court.

My mom lives not even a mile from the church. So, she and my stepdad stopped by to see what kind of program they offered, like if they had any kind of counseling services, and that’s when we found out about the recovery group. So, I started coming. I came that Monday to the recovery group, and it felt really welcoming. I really liked the people. I didn’t feel judged, and I told my whole story. So, I came on Wednesday. Then I came on Saturday. Then I came on Sunday, and I’ve been coming ever since.

It’s just that God’s been working in my life, and I really would not be where I am or who I am if it wasn’t for Jesus. That’s the only reason that I am who I am today. And I owe everything I am to Him.