2RC Stories: LaKeisha James


I grew up in church when I was younger. My parents got divorced when I was 14. I kinda fell out of going to church. I started smoking marijuana at 16, and I was pretty much a user. At 18, I was using other drugs and was just in bad relationships. I ended up getting in a relationship with a girl. I was with her for 5 years. I was 25 whenever we broke up.

I had always been suicidal with depression and stuff like that, and always battled with that. And the place that I was staying at ended up calling the cops that night, because I was trying to leave after I had cut my wrist and stuff. The cops came, and they took me to the hospital. From there I went to jail. Continue reading “2RC Stories: LaKeisha James”

The Way Jesus Treats Women


I was inspired by one of my childhood favorite singers, Brooke Fraser. I was reminded from a post of hers, on International Women’s Day in early March, of the way Jesus treated women, which is the same way He does today and every day. With mercy when our choices fail Him, with grace when we don’t have any left for ourselves, with humility to invite us to Him, and love to pursue us beyond the pits we find ourselves trapped in. Continue reading “The Way Jesus Treats Women”

I Gave It To Jesus…Kinda


Have you ever given someone something and later decided you should have kept it? Yes, I have too. I get all hyped about cleaning out closets and other little areas of my home, and later have ‘givers remorse.’ But the one thing I’ve never done is to go and ask for it back. Well, except for that one time I gave God my doubt about the new job I had taken and wondered, “Could I learn it?” Oh yeah, or that time I told God I wanted to give Him my concerns over finances, the kids, moving, anxiety about what people think about me…blah, blah, blah…(wow the list is longer than I thought! Lol!) Continue reading “I Gave It To Jesus…Kinda”

When Healing Doesn’t Come


Laying in my bed alone at 3am, I found myself questioning God. This is not something I typically do. I actually have a plaque in my home that says, “Let God Be God!” But on this occasion, I was at the end of my rope, wondering why God would allow my husband’s colon to burst, requiring emergency surgery and a long road to recovery.  This happened just seven months after a tumor was found on his adrenal gland, which required surgery to remove both the gland and tumor.  Continue reading “When Healing Doesn’t Come”

Losing Control


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7

I could feel my heart beating fast as I thought of the situation being presented to me. It was something I didn’t agree with and something that I felt was not wise. But I was left there, powerless without any way to make it right. As I worried about my little family and the affects it might have on them, I could feel my anxiety growing as I came to a place of not knowing what to do and feeling completely powerless.

We have all been there.

Those places that cause us to lift our hands, completely empty, asking God to show us how to fix it. How to protect. How to mend the brokenness that could be lurking or in the future. What to do. Continue reading “Losing Control”

He Is The God Who Provides


“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19

Money can be a tricky thing. After taking over our family’s finances about a year ago, I was overwhelmed to say the least. My husband was so busy with his business, and I was so clueless about our situation that there were many bills left and right that hadn’t been paid for some time. I worked for a while to learn how to financially plan and be wise with what God was giving us. As I began this process and it started to become more of a habit, God reminded me of one thing.


Are we tithing?

Working through bills, for me, was much more than writing a check every month to satisfy the collector. To me it was honoring God with the resources He had given us. I wanted to pay things off, to be able to help others when we were able, and to give back to Him what He is due. As my family began to tithe, I quickly learned something very valuable. Tithing takes away your ability to control. Continue reading “He Is The God Who Provides”

Give Back


A few years back I decided that I needed to find something I could do to pour into my community and be a blessing, even in the busiest seasons of my life. I can tend to get into very busy seasons which make it difficult to set regular volunteering commitments and keep them. So, I thought I would try to find something that was meaningful to me, helpful to others and flexible, no matter how my schedule might shift. Sometimes the place to find a need to fill is in a place that you or someone you love at one time had need.  Continue reading “Give Back”

Make An Impact: Love Each Other


It’s always good to feel like you are doing something that makes a positive impact in the world, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time to do something that feels so meaningful. I can tend to look at people in need all over the world and see others who are devoting their lives, or even a week or two, to go and meet those needs.

At one point in time, I too was one of those who was able to go for a week or two on a regular basis to the other side of the world and love on orphans, or build community showers, or serve at a soup kitchen in a poverty stricken area, or speak hope to those who felt hopeless. However, these days, life just seems too full and too busy for world travel.

There are only so many days I can take off of work and even those tend to get scheduled out by others in my life. Also, there’s that whole “adulting” thing where I have bills to pay and a roof to keep over my head, and therefore do not have the resources to be able to fund those trips around the world. I’ve had to accept the fact that the season of globe-trotting for Jesus has come to a close for the time being and that those adventures just won’t happen as often as they used to. Continue reading “Make An Impact: Love Each Other”

I Got This…

So, the last couple of years have been difficult, to say the least. I’ve had numerous offers from friends and loved ones to help me with different tasks that have needed to be done, offers to listen and pray for me, even help me move. (Which nobody wants to do, yuck!) I have had a go-to phrase during this time as well, “Thanks, but I got this.” 

See, overall I’m a pretty laid back, take things in stride kinda person. Okay, maybe “independent” is a little more accurate…until a few weeks ago when a loved one texted that they could help me with something. My response, “Yea, I got this.” Then, in a moment, they responded, “You’re prideful.”  Continue reading “I Got This…”