I Could Never Do That


A few months before my 25th birthday my dad died. It was hard, and I got through it. But one of the things that stood out to me was my cousin praising my mother and I for our strength, stating “I could never do that.”

Recently I have watched a friend going through something similar with her husband, and I’ve been hearing it again, “I could never do that,” referring to her personal strength. Over and over again I hear that phrase attached to grace in the face of tragedy. What you really mean is, “I would never choose that.” You can’t imagine how you would handle it because, honestly, you don’t want to think about something like that happening to your family.  

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The Quest For Intimacy


“We can live without sex, but we cannot live without intimacy.” – Julie Rodgers

The problem with being single in a Christian world is that the church and Christians in general have done a poor job of separating sex and intimacy. We wrongly believe that intimacy can only truly be found in a marriage relationship. What does that say to those in the Christian community who are single or feel called to celibacy? In short, and bluntly put, it tells them they aren’t worthy or are incapable of experiencing true intimacy. But we were designed for intimacy, for deep bonds of love and care experienced in and through a community of fellow believers.

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Old Problems & New Cars


My car started making a strange noise somewhere in the middle of November. And like any wise twenty-something who responsibly handles his possessions, I turned the radio up until I couldn’t hear the bothersome noise anymore. My method of fixing the problem worked rather well until a month later when the noise became a loud grinding, which quickly tuned into a louder pop that sent my car squealing and shuddering down Kingston Pike. After panic had settled, a quick tow and a mechanic’s assessment, I discovered I needed a new engine. Oops.

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It’s something I struggle with on a regular basis. I worry about finances. I worry about relationships. I worry about time. I worry about the future. I worry about things that have never happened. The “what ifs” plague my mind consistently, swarming with fear and drenched in doubt.

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A Bad Case of Nostalgia


I have a bad case of nostalgia. Please tell me I’m not the only one. It doesn’t take much more than a song on the radio or a specific smell to take me back to another time and place. I find it slightly strange that the smell of potpourri and pita bread can transport me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen.

Nostalgia: something that haunts all of us from time to time in the best possible way.

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No Guarantees But Jesus


There I was. Faced with a significant decision to make. One of those life-altering decisions.

Of the two options on the table, only one didn’t look foolish. The “smart” option involved minimal risk. It required zero hard work. There was no chance of failure, embarrassment or heartache. It would be comfortable and safe, and best of all, easy.

I knew which one was the “smart” choice, and I knew which one Jesus was calling me to.

The “smart” choice wasn’t the one Jesus was calling me to.

And I knew I wasn’t being called to make a decision. I was being asked to obey.

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Loss & the Inconceivable Greatness of God

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I can’t begin to tell you how many mornings I’ve woken up in the last year to prayer and tears. Tears that were brought about by a foreshadowing loss, while trying to remain in Christ and His promises of strength and courage. The promise that God is greater.
Loss did occur and life was nothing as I had thought it would be, yet hope was not lost, somehow it has remained. I know it remains because of Christ, because only He can give real hope, peace and returning joy. Jesus never left me through any of the many trails, heartache and deep loss, a journey that I would never wish on anyone.

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Remembering & Rising Out Of 2016


B R O K E N N E S S.

We have all felt it and experienced it in some way. The severity may differ, but the weight of it the same. It can feel like what you are enduring is impossible to overcome. One thing I’ve learned in my different seasons of heartbreak and brokenness is that God does not call us to remain broken. He may call us to those uncomfortable and painful places, but His intention is never for us to wallow there. No, His intention is that we grab onto His hand to get back up and grow from there.

Just like the Israelites formed an altar each time the Lord had protected them and provided for them, we are to remember our broken seasons as we rise out of them with hope in what our God can do. Not only does this give Him the glory, but it also reminds us that our God is able. He never leaves us to figure it out, but He always comes through and gives us strength to make it through any trial or persecution that comes our way.

Today take a moment to reflect on 2016. It may have been a year of blessing for you, or it may have been a year of extreme loss or brokenness. Whatever you experienced, write down the moments where God revealed His provision for you. When we take time to focus on who He is and what He has done, it will glorify Him and give us hope for the future when more trials come our way.

When we take time to focus on who He is and what He has done, it will glorify Him and give us hope for the future when more trials come our way.

Teaching Moments In Parenting


I’ve been a mom longer than I’ve not been a mom, I had kids rather young in today’s standards. My son who is now 18, use to jump out of bed as soon as he heard someone else up in the mornings. This made it difficult to have my quiet time, see my son is a rip and run, full of life kinda boy. I mean ALL boy from the word go! 

One morning I had snuck into the living room to read, and I heard the sound of his feet coming down the hall (he was probably 8 years old). He entered the living room and sat beside me on the couch. I decided I would take this time to tell him how much Jesus loved him and that God had plans for his life. I mean that’s how we’re supposed to do this, right? After I had had my super spiritual moment with him, he looked at me so seriously and asked, “Did God know I was going to be a chick magnet?”…Really?!?

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