You Are Enough


“But God’s firm foundation stands, bearing this seal: ‘The Lord knows those who are His.'” 2 Timothy 2:19

Take time to rest today in the fact that you are known and pursued by a God who loved you before time began. You don’t have to try to be good enough to receive His love. You are enough as you are right now. So often I think we over-complicate God’s love. We take what we know here on earth as a broken version of love and try to mimic that relationship with Christ. “If I just try harder, then He will love me.” “If I can just clean myself up a bit and look a little better, then He will love me.” “After I get through this mess, then He will love me.” The truth is that God loves you as you are right now. He takes those broken places and seals them with His love. It says later in this chapter that after we turn from our sin, He makes us into a new vessel. One that is used for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful and ready for every good work. So embrace the truth today that you are enough…because who He is and His love for you is more than enough.

Family Pajama Run!


I like to have fun. I love to laugh. Having fun together as a family is hard sometimes. It seems that keeping my family of five in a jovial mood was always a challenge.  A good friend told me about a Focus on the Family book actually called Fun Family Ideas… or Family Fun… (I think. Doesn’t matter.)

One idea from the book I have always loved and used many times is “Pajama Run.” This is pure genius and so simple. This is the idea – you put your kids in their jama’s and then off to bed. If you can do it 30 minutes early then double score! After about 15 minutes of them being in bed you stand in the hall way outside their bedrooms and ring a bell or shout “Pajama Run!!!!” Then you all pile in the car… wearing your pajamas… and head to Sonic or McDonald’s and order an ice cream. You sit in your car and eat, and just let your kids talk. AND they will.

You sit in your car and eat, and just let your kids talk. AND they will.

I thought it would only work in the summer, but we have done it year round. Especially around Christmas – then you can drive around and look at Christmas lights!!!

There are strict rules to Pajama Run. If you ask for Pajama Run, it doesn’t happen. It is super fun to do when the cousins are visiting, so make double sure you don’t ask for it!!

I remember our first Pajama Run. I shouted, “Pajama Run,” and my girls bolted out of bed and ran into the hallway. The dog was was barking. It was beautiful excitement. They didn’t have a clue what was going on. It was like magic. We were having fun. This is a fun family memory that has lasted through the many trials my family has faced.

My girls are all grown up now but guess what happened this summer?? We went on a Pajama Run. No one was in their pajamas but it was fun… my girls were surprised and my girls talked. (Insert happy momma face here.)

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him


“Oh come let us adore Him.”

What does the adoration of Christ mean to you in your life? The word adore means to regard with the utmost esteem, to love, to respect and to pay divine honor to or worship. This season, as we approach a time where we reflect on the significance of what Jesus did for us, let’s throw aside the expectations and just rest. Rest in who God says you are. Rest in who Christ became for you. Rest in complete adoration of the One who gave it all up in order that we might know Him. True adoration of Christ begins when we throw aside the selfish idea that we can do it all and remind our hearts of how desperately we need a Savior.

Reconnecting Family


Recently my brother reconnected with his 17 year-old daughter, who has been estranged from him and the family for much of her life.

We are elated at this chance to get to know her and to welcome her in. For us, she has been a part of the family since her birth. We’ve noted her absence at family events, tracked her age with the rest of the grandkids, and hoped that someday she would be curious about her dad’s side of the family.

And the day has come.

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Let’s Be Kind


Some of the most impactful words ever spoken to me came from a friend a few summers ago. She wrote me a letter and in it she said, “There’s a difference between niceness and kindness. Niceness flows out of fear but kindness flows from the heart.”

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Doing Christmas


My mom and I enjoyed looking through some old holiday pictures recently. We remarked that the best ones were not the ones that found us lined up in front of the tree, lipstick on and dressed in our new holiday outfit, but the ones where we were actually DOING Christmas.

Being a good southern family, there were always biscuits in our house growing up biscuits and gravy to be exact. When my kids came along, it became my Mom’s ‘thing’. Grandmother, as they call her, always made biscuits and gravy. (At home we were more likely to eat frozen waffles…hey, those were busy times…don’t judge me.)

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To Whom Shall We Go?


Have you ever had someone leave you? There are numerous reasons why people leave, they move, they die they grow up or maybe grow distant. In John 6:67-68 there were some people who had decided to follow Jesus but in hearing a difficult teaching they bailed. Jesus then turns to the twelve and asks “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Simon Peter answers, “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

Jesus, being all knowing didn’t have to ask the question since He already knew the answer but perhaps He asked on our account, so we could see this simple but awesome answer. Continue reading “To Whom Shall We Go?”

Pause & Breathe


As the holidays draw near and the pressure to buy more, be more and do more start to creep in…take a moment to pause and breathe in the truth that you are enough and what you have is enough. So often we can get caught up in the commercial aspect of the holidays and forget the importance of contentment. This upcoming month I am challenging myself to find something each day to be thankful for and to begin my day in the Word with a spirit of contentment. It is the most wonderful time of the year. So let’s spend it with the ones we love and let go of what we have or don’t have and learn to be content.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.” 1 Timothy 6:6-7