Answering The Unasked Questions

As I’ve researched foster care, particularly fostering as a single mom, I’ve found the theme of people who won’t understand. The ones who think I’m well-meaning but unwise. The ones who don’t understand my motivation or just can’t wrap their head around the concept at all. So, I decided to answer all the awkward questions that nobody wants to ask. To answer the things that have been in the back of your mind or perhaps that you had never thought of. Continue reading “Answering The Unasked Questions”

Done Chasing Busyness

ToDoList_blogThe other day I ran into a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in several weeks. He asked how I was doing and my response was the standard “Busy!”

It’s true. I’m busy. I’m barely into summer and already it’s flying by with BBQs, weddings, business trips, family reunions, doctor appointments, laundry, a/c repairs, oil changes and everything else in between.

After few minutes, my friend mentioned he and his family returned from vacation a few weeks ago. He said it had taken him roughly three days from when vacation started until he was able put the busy feeling aside and actually relax. It had taken that long to quiet his mind and his heart. Continue reading “Done Chasing Busyness”

No Big Magical Moment

WomanPraying_blogWe don’t always see the fruit of our prayers right away…

When I was a very young child, I was diagnosed with a genetic defect that could cause me all sorts of problems. I was given an uncertain future; heart problems, kidney problems, learning problems. One thing they thought was certain was that I would never have children.

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Better Late than Not at All!

When it comes to living a lifestyle of Christian discipleship, you may call me a “late bloomer.” Really, really late. Like, so late that it’s sort of embarrassing that it took me this long to get on the right path. Looking back, I’m sometimes saddened by how much time I spent doing my thing instead of the things God had lined up for me to do. How much further down my spiritual journey road could I be if I had just started earlier?

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Come Away & Revive Your Life

“You who seek God, let your hearts revive.”  Psalm 69:32

I am sitting in my living room with my coffee in hand on this raining start to the work week. It is such a peaceful moment to quiet my soul before the Lord as the day begins. I love mornings like this, but they are not always in my daily routine.


How many times do I rush through the Word just to check it off on my to-do list only to feel an empty soul by the end of the week. When my busy season begins to grow, my ability to hear His voice seems to decrease. I’m less attentive to His promptings and direction. And when things become more difficult than the average daily struggles, my decisions begin to be based more on emotions, I get frustrated, and I feel full of fear. 

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Faithful Provider


After I graduated from college, I enjoyed an extended time of unemployment…Well, enjoyed is probably a rather strong word. It was really more like ‘was afflicted with’ or ‘suffered through’. Aside from some occasional babysitting, I was having a hard time finding work. Just to let you know, occasional babysitting does not pay the bills. I was strapped for cash, even for basic necessities. That is not a fun place to exist. Thankfully, I had the blessing of a landlord/mom who was willing to let me live rent-free in a place she owned until either 1) I found a job or 2) it was 6 months after I graduated, whichever came first. So, I at least had a place to sleep and call home. However, it was extremely stressful to not be able to do the responsible things I so desired to do, like pay my rent and support myself.

It’s not that I wasn’t trying to find a job. I had turned in application after application and submitted resumes, sometimes even in places where there weren’t posted job openings. There were a few interviews that seemed promising, only to have the position dissolve, or the person that was being replaced decide to stay after all. Each time it seemed like something out from left field came up that prevented me from stepping into this professional career that I had worked so hard toward. I wasn’t sure what God was up to. Continue reading “Faithful Provider”



Being a Christian kid in the ‘90s made it nearly impossible to escape the “WWJD” phase of the church world. For those of you who are unfamiliar, “WWJD” stood for “What Would Jesus Do?” The goal of the movement was to saturate young minds with that particular question causing them to think about what Jesus would do in any given situation in which they might find themselves. Apparently there was a rampant issue with young Christians in the early 1990’s not composing themselves in the way Jesus would, or at least in the way the adults around these students wanted them to act.

I myself owned a handful of “WWJD” bracelets, some homemade in Sunday School while others were leather bound and were only to be worn for special social occasions. These bracelets I displayed proudly to let the world around me know that I was intentionally seeking to do what Jesus would want me to do. However, even as an elementary aged student, I struggled with this concept. How could I really know if Jesus preferred if I watched Disney or Nickelodeon? How could I know for sure that Jesus did not want me to play Pokemon? What would Jesus really do if some kid made fun of the fact that he wore glasses? Digging into my illustrated story Bible did not help much and only added to my confusion. What would Jesus really do?

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Above All Else


“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”        Proverbs 4:23

Nobody does this for me, no accountability partner, friend, child or spouse. “Above all else”, beyond everything else in this world I am to guard my heart. Sounds simple, but dag gum it’s the hardest reality in and throughout most of my days, and I work at a church! Continue reading “Above All Else”